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Sexiest Pig Alive Dies

George Clooney’s pet pig, Max, died on Friday. The 300-pound pot-bellied pig had been Clooney’s pet for the last 18 years. TMZ:

Clooney once said that his longest relationship ever was with Max, his personal porker. The oinker had serious health problems — he had arthritis and was partially blind. In 2001, Max was accidentally hit by a car driven by one of Clooney’s friends.

Clooney was not available for comment, but his spokesperson says he and pal Danny DeVito were heading out for some lemoncellos and bacon.

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  1. The Evil Beet » Blog Archive » Late-Night Links
    February 28th, 2007 03:42

    [...] George Clooney’s pet pig dies. Perhaps this will send him into a drunken emotional tailspin, hitting up Hyde every night with new BFF Stavros Niarchos, culminating in a glorious George Clooney crotch shot. Is that too much to ask?? [Junkiness] [...]

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