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Great Day For Judaism

There are many proud moments in Judaism’s long history: the birth of monotheism; the receipt of the 10 Commandments; and the reclaimation of the State of Israel. But today, might be our proudest moment. Mandy Moore tells Elle Magazine:

“I guess I have a type! I like a good Jewish boy.
With a sense of humor.”

I’m here for you, Mandy! No foreskin. Love my mom. And funny? Oy Gevalt! You never heard such funny! Just check out the site. (Okay, most of it was written by a bunch of WASPs and an Italian, but I have a few.)

And let me say, your devotion to Members of the Tribe like me is truly impressive considering you used to date Zach Braff. I promise, Mandy. If you go out with me I will NEVER write some sappy, Indie screenplay as an excuse to roll around with Natalie Portman. Never.

Okay, gotta run now. Need to write some jokes and not eat pork. Call me.

2 Responses to “Great Day For Judaism”

  1. Jerk Face
    March 21st, 2008 12:52

    Ha ha.. Awesome!

  2. Tanja Drosdoff
    March 25th, 2008 17:33

    C’mon dude.
    She is not even in you reach.

    I mean you are in the wrong business and in a wrong position to meet women like her.

    Date your local women or people you already know !

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